OCBC Cycle Speedway

OCBC Cycle 2015 was announced this week – with the event due to take place on 29th-30 August.

In addition to the usual road race (“challenge”) on ECP on the Sunday, this year’s event introduces a new race on the Saturday called “OCBC Cycle Speedway”.
Cycle Speedway in Europe typically means racing round an extreme hotdog circuit and is fast, furious crazy racing.

OCBC Cycle Speedway is less manic and will take place on a 1.5km loop out at Singapore Sports Hub – specifically the 2 roundabouts alongside Nichol Highway.
speedway map

15 local teams will take part in a knock-out competition to determine the overall winner. Each team will consist of 4 riders and they have to cover 10 laps in total of the course in each heat – against 4 other clubs. The race will be done relay style allowing some cunning tactics about how many laps each of your riders does.
Safety will be maintained as the course is relatively long, with some good straights and there will only ever be 10 riders on the circuit at one time.

Winners of the Club Championships will receive S$800, S$600 and S$400, respectively, as well as Vertix Velo wireless cycling headsets worth S$268 each.
Winners from both events will get to ride in the Sunday’s Champions Wave at the start of the 42km Sportive Ride – this will put them ahead of the main public race and alongside some of the SEA national riders that will be in town for a separate version of the SEA Champions Speedway.

I was lucky enough to spend a few work hours filming a video explaining the Speedway format. That should be available online in the next week and the new race format will become clearer then.


ANZA has secured a number of team slots for this event & we’ll be publicising more details soon on this. If you’re interested in taking part then do let one of the committee know and we’ll keep you in mind for the teams we submit. Potentially that might also include a ladies team..

In the meantime, the rest of the OCBC Cycle events are open for early bird registration at: ocbccycle.com
Support the local events!

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