Pimping the Batam 6 Bridges

That’s a headline sure to increase our traffic! Interestingly one of the most common Search terms that brings people to RTI is “singapore prostitutes” which links to a Mike Sewell article on the sights observed prior to the Saturday 5.15 Rats ride….

Those fine fellows at CycoSports continue their quest to almost single-handedly keep the local racing scene alive. They just announced the 3rd running of the Batam Six Bridges race – which will take place on Saturday 16th May.


B6B is a beast of a race across the archipelego of Batam. It’s 137km (incl 15km neutralised) on  a straight out-and-back course over the punishing hills of Batam. Throw in guaranteed 40 degree heat, cramping, some amazing scenery and a sizeable field and you’re looking at one of the best challenges of the local racing scene. Totally recommended and an easy way to try racing asia if you’re new to it.


Ian Burtons report from last years Cat 2 group is still the single most popular article ever published on RTI. Head to the link below to refresh your memory on how 2014 unfolded and for some insight on what to expect on the day.


Support the local scene – these guys do it for the passion and not the money.
Get yourself registered NOW at: http://www.cycosports.com/#!batam-six-bridges/c10ai

The  5th April Pasir Gudang event in JB is also still available for entry. Might as well register for that whilst you’re at it…..??

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