It’s Coffee Jim, but not as we know it!

DimbulahWe all know that road cyclists are lemmings right?  We aren’t happy unless we’re following somebody else so change comes to cyclists about as easily as the world cup football title comes to England.  So it comes as something of a shock that tomorrow ANZA Cycling will be trying out a new club breakfast spot.  Now we expect some to be away, some to simply be in denial and go to CBTL anyway, some simply not to make it being struck down with grief or depression at che change, but if you can all jump straight to acceptance then if you want your breakfast paid for this week, you will need to be at Dimbulah – Chijmes.  More in the article that follows.

I spent an hour at our partners Focus Pilates this week so you can read how that went, and the Cycosport races get underway soon so Don has information about those.

FLY6-2As a final word, there have been a few unfortunate accidents in the last few weeks, some involving club members and some not, but it re-sparked my interest in on bike cameras and the FLY6 came to my attention.  This nifty invention combines a light and rear facing HD camera all in one neat USB rechargeable package.  If anybody has one of these and would like to to a quick write up and description for RTI we’d be very grateful.FLY12-1

As I was hunting, you may also be interested to see that they are also working on a forwards facing version the FLY12 which will also incorporate a bike alarm linked to your phone.  Set the alarm, walk away and if it detects movement it sends an alarm straight to your phone.  Ideal for those coffee shop moments.  Genius!

No road closures this week, so it’s all down to you.

Let’s be careful out there….

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