Not Another Kranji – The West Coast 100

Not another Kranji?

Well… Yes and No!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m on a mission to give a 100km alternative to Changi for those who might want their distance on the west coast and not on the east.  Now I know we all love Changi!  With it’s traffic lights, never has a better interval training loop been invented, but sometimes we might want to ride for more than 200m before applying the brakes and that was another part of my plan.

So armed with a route I’d made up on Garmin Connect duly loaded on my untrustworthy garmin 800 I set forth to conquer the world, to travel to parts of Singapore that most maps say is sea water and to try not to get lost.

West Coast 100The Route – You follow a standard Kranji all the way to NTU where you go left at the roundabout and head to Pioneer Road (plenty of options for a loop or two of NTU if you feel the need).  Take a hard right and I know it looks like I’m heading onto the AYE all the way to the Tuas crossing but there is actually a road that runs parallel without ever becoming the AYE.  When you can go no further turn left and hug the coast enjoying industrial Singapore.  Get back onto Pioneer road heading east and follow it until you recognise the end of the Kranji loop you started 80km earlier.  Finish just like a Kranji but getting back to the coffee bean with 98km in your legs instead of the usual 55km.

Not many lights, and ok roads, but not for the faint hearted, and by that I mean if having big industrial lorries passing you is going to give you the shakes, probably best not to venture to the industrial west.  The only downside was I haven’t found a convenient drink stop so having solo’d 100km I was dryer than a camel’s … we’ll you get the picture.

I’ll make a call for a recce crew in a couple of Saturdays to see how it works out as a group ride, but there is no reason to think it won’t be great, as long as you’re not here for the scenery.

Next up a West Coast 110, maybe by adding in Admiralty we can spice up the early Kranji loop and stretch the legs a little further.

Let’s Be Careful Out There

2 thoughts on “Not Another Kranji – The West Coast 100

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Great article and it looks like a nice route. Do you have the GPX file available to download? Or share it with me via email from
    Appreciate it. A group of us are looking for something different tomorrow morning.
    Thanks Francois DUTOIT

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