More Strava Big Data – Segment deep dive

After the beauty of last week’s StravaPlus add-on,  we look at yet another Strava analysis tool called Segment Deepdive. If StravaPlus was a visual supermodel then this one is a total dog in comparison  looks-wise – but with a very nice personality…

Strava already provides great detail on a segment – as at today’s status. Info available includes Who is the KOM?, where do I rank?, where did they beat me on the course?. Where Segment Deep Dive excels in that it enables a review of the all-time history of a segment so you can see how the KOM has changed over time and whether people (and more importantly) YOU are getting faster over the years.

It looks like crap, runs slowly and is a pain to use but is really quite interesting to those that get excited by big dirty data.

To illustrate it, lets look at the Mount Faber – West Pender to Top segment.

Strava shows that Cannasia Tim Wilkins is currently top of the KOM.  It also shows that I’m miles behind in 39th place overall 😦

260201By entering theSegment Id into the website it gives the following horrendous UI (after a few minutes of crunching).

This table allows me to see the history of the top 3 KOM positions over the years. Lachlan McKelvie held the 1st ever KOM with a time of 4:08 in 2008 before losing it to Christopher Keisers 3:49 ride in April 2009 and so on…


This continues until 2012 when Tim Wilkins takes the current KOM from Matt Kinch…

260203This can be shown visually to help see how long a KOM has endured and also how much time has been knocked off the KOM each time it’s beaten. Faber has been static for a long time but some segments are much more dynamic and ever changing.

260204You can also review any rider thats ever done the segment to see how their times are changing over the years. My own times suggested that I’m getting faster but had a shocking 2011 where my times just blew out by 30 seconds.

A good way to see which of your rivals are improving though and by how much….


Seems like there’s a ton of these Strava apps out there so we’ll continue to investigate to provide some content during our quiet weeks!



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