Grinding out an RTI

Writing RTI is surprisingly like riding at times. Wednesday – our form was dreadful and nothing was going right. We had literally no articles and the mental muscles, no power.

A good nights sleep and Thursday was suddenly a different story. Caviar Cyclist Bjorn Engelhardt came through with a great article on his experience travelling the world with his bike. This stirred the rest of the team into action and we ground out another 3 articles duirng the day to get us a solid, respectable issue today.

We also received another guest article last night from an unnamed source – this one talking about the ongoing pestilence of upside down bikes at Coffee Bean. Rather than being a rant, the artlce actually comes forth with a stylish alternative to dumping your beautiful steed upside down on her arse. Rounding the issue off, we have the return of “Not Another Kranji” talking about the badlands of Tuas and  another bit of clickbait on Strava apps.

Cobbled-climb-630x420The real classics start this week with Het Nieuwsblad and KBK. Send the partner off for a night out and enjoy.

Keep it safe out there – there’s been too many incidents in recent weeks.




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