Under The Helmet | Arran Pearson

You see them on the bike but who are the people behind the helmet. Inroducing our new Mountain Bike Director – Arran Pearson.


  • Where are you from and how long have you been in Singapore?
    From Sydney, we’ve been in Singapore about 6 months now
  • How long you been riding?
    Well, I grew up an expat brat in PNG and we pretty much spent every spare second on bikes… then I grew up and decided that drinking beer was a much better use of my time. I got back into MTB in about 2002 and started training ‘seriously’ in 2009
  • What’s in your bike cabinet?
    · Ummm is my wife (Lisa) on the ANZA cycling distribution list? Ok, here goes:
    – Cannondale Slice RS (Black) TT
    – Salsa Warbird Gravel Grinder (hate that term – call it an all road tourer)
    – Cervelo S5 VWD
    – Salsa Beargrease Carbon Fatbike
    – Moots Routt 45 (another all road tourer)
    – BlackSheep Custom Tour Divide Cruiser Singlespeed…In my defence I’m selling the TT rig and the Salsa (I need a ‘go-fast’ MTB and we are running out of balcony space)
  • Greatest cycling achievement?
    Ummm, completing the Tour Divide MTB Race Singlespeed 2nd place by about an hour (over 21 days of non-stop racing)
  • How many bones have you broken on the bike? Worst crash?
    Oh a lot… worst crash was mistiming a jump (actually – that in itself is nothing special… whoever the wheels leave the ground its a miracle I land in one piece) and landing hard on my back / head. Broke shoulder blade and collar bone. Since then the total list is something like Right and left shoulder blade (the left one twice), several ribs (in separate incidents) and been concussed on a few occasions.
  • Most embarrassing moment in life?
    So many to choose from… maybe the time my long suffering wife and I were on a motorcycle ride to the South Coast and I decided (against better advice) that we had plenty of fuel to make our destination. Turns out I miscalculated by about 2 km. Pushing 240kg of motorcycle for a couple of kms in the dark made a great start to that holiday.
  • Most embarrassing moment on a bike?
    Ummm… on my first bike packing ride, I got dressed in the dark and headed out… didn’t realise that I had my knicks on inside out until I reached the next town. It took me a while to work out what the sniggering was… although to be honest I was so cold that I did’t care – thank god they brought me coffee!
  • If your life was a film, what would it be?
    Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Motto in life?
    Life’s too short to put up with <insert current source of annoyance and frustration>
  • Motto on the bike?
    Eat Sleep Ride
  • Words of wisdom for the club members?
    If you’re not having fun then you’re doing it wrong.
  • What’s the last song you’d play before a race to motivate yourself?
    I’m actually not a music guy really – friggin things turn into earworms and then you can’t get it out of your head. Do you know how frustrating it is to find yourself humming ‘Let it Go’ as you’re out on a solo RTI?!?
  • If your life were a film, who would you want to play you?
    Gee I’d cast some rugged suave action type but suspect the producers would go for Seth Rogan 😦
  • Favourite SG ride and why?
    Road? Kranji – by a long way. Its basically a perfect self contained blast – enough bumps to add variety, some sections when you can go fassssssst and on a top day (or in a decent group) its over and done with in a couple of hours. For MTB then it has to be the Bukit Timah Loop – tough, technical but rideable (on a good day) and lots of soft leaves to catch you when you fall!
  • Where can you be found when not on the bike?
    By the pool at my condo with the kids.
  • Best ride in the region that you have done?
    I rate the ANZA Fraser’s weekend that I did a few short weeks after arriving as one of the best – tough but do-able and of course I was out with a great crew! But really, I’ve done a heap of riding in Malaysia now with the Audax guys (and solo) and I really get a kick out of riding into a whole ‘other county. There’s something about doing that which reaffirms everything I love about bikes.
  • Cycling ambition still to be tackled?
    Oh so many! I’m doing the Trans-continental race later this year (Flanders – Istanbul non-stop) but really want to tackle Transamerica (road based backpack across the US). I’d also like to go back to the Tour Divide and get the SS win outright and shoot for the record (currently 19 days – I think its ‘soft’). But I also like being married and there’s a balance!
  • 3 words which best describe you?
    Obsessive, Compulsive, Focussed
  • Why would you like to cycle from Canada to Mexico solo unsupported on a single speed?
    Ha – there is a long answer to this – check out http://www.marathonmtb.com/2013/08/07/racing-the-tour-divide/ (and do a search for my name for the other three parts!) but essentially, we now live very ordered, sheltered lives and there aren’t that many chances you get to go and put yourself well and truly outside your comfort zone to the extant that if you get things wrong then the consequences could be dire. TDR (and others of its ilk) transcend simply riding and are the sort of life experiences you’ll tell your grand kids about – I mean, who else has a tale of facing down a Cougar wearing nothing but sweaty lycra in the middle of a Montana forest?

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