More Strava… StravaPlus!

Big Data. Buzzword of the year.

It can help cure cancer. It can drive your Google car. It can find you the perfect song on Spotify or the ideal shag on Match.Com. However, all these use cases skip the most important one that matters – it can help you waste even more time on Strava!

Some geeky genius has developed a Google Chrome plug in which adds additional features to Strava. None of the them are necessary but they are pretty cool and a great way to lose an additional few minutes during the essential post-ride analysis drilldown session.

StravaPlus is free and can be found here: . It basically adds another menu option to Strava which allows you to see more data and get some nice visualisations.

Need yet more info on your ride stats…

strava1Or to see who else you passed on the ride (with FlyBy and Veloviewer integration)…

strava3Or a global map of your KOMS…  Have it Son!

strava2It’s all there.




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