Exciting Benefit For All Members


As you all know, at ANZA Cycling we are passionate about safety, in particular your safety.  Every time we go out on the road, in the water or on the trails there is a chance that something unexpected and unwanted could happen and just because of the nature of life and work in Singapore, there is a good chance that there may be somebody in the group that is new and nobody has contact details for.

If one of these unfortunate events should happen, we want first responders to have access to your emergency contact and medical information as soon as possible.  We want your club mates to be able to get a message to anybody expecting you home to let them know what has happened and where they can find you.

But, of course, we want all this to be done in a way that is both effective and colour coordinated with the club kit!

So we have worked with the great guys at OneLifeiD [www.onelifeid.com] to design an emergency medical bracelet in club colours which looks great and allows those first responders to gain access to whatever information you think they need including medical history, insurance details, credit card details, next of kin or emergency contact etc. etc. whatever you want really.

And to make things better, not only does it look great, but for a limited number it is COMPLETELY FREE to existing members.

Flyer Page 2

How does it work?
Each paid-up member may claim one free OneLifeiD for a limited period of time.

How do you get yours?
Send an email to our wonderful Membership Director Neridah at [cyclingmembership@anza.org.sg] with your name and membership number (it’s on your membership card).

Neridah will check your membership status and issue you with a unique code which can be used to pay for the OneLifeiD

You then go to [https://www.onelifeid.com/page/anzacycling] our dedicated ANZA Cycling page and follow the ordering process to choose the version you want and enter the text you want displayed on the OneLifeiD

When will it be delivered?
To keep costs down, OneLifeiD will batch up the orders and on a monthly basis, maybe more frequent if we have a lot of orders in a short period, they will send them to Neridah who will distribute them

Anything else to do?
Once it arrives, there are instructions on how to cut the band to the right length and how to set up your lifetime account on the OneLifeiD system with all the details you want first responders to be able to see.

Can you have more than one?
Only one per member will be free of charge, but you are free to buy as many as you like in the ANZA Cycling colours or in any other colour from the main orders page

Can you use the code for another product or another colour?
No, the codes will only work for the ANZA Cycling coloured band.

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