MedicalI spend weeks and weeks at work wanting a few days off sick so I can sort things out at home and get some decent sleep. Then like a flash out of the blue it happens, and guess what, you don’t feel well enough to get anything done at home and you don’t get decent rest because you’re… well… too ill.  So with apologies to ANZA cycling for the MC last week, we’ll get back to business as normal.

We have some good stuff for you this week including tales of when too much of a good thing can, in fact, be a bad thing.  Don gives us some updates to the race calendar with news of the upcoming Cycosport series starting to emerge and one of our most traveled members starts what we home will be the first of a series of articles about how to get the miles in when work just seems to be determined to put obstacles in the way. New member -Jeff Martin – also gives us his take on the long road to recovery following an injury in TdB.

No Road closures this week according to Dave so we should be safe from diversions tomorrow, so let’s keep those eyes peeled, our wits about us and most of all…

Let’s be careful out there

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