The Vogue Edition

vogue coverWell it’s all about fashion this week and since the rainy season looks a lot like it might be coming to an end (cue horrendous thunder storm!) our thoughts have turned to spring fashion and in the spring, traditionally, ANZA Cycling has launched its new kit.  With that take a look around you this Saturday and see if you think you could do better.  If the answer is yes, then we need you!  More in the articles below.

Sticking with the ANZA kit theme, just a notice that this month will be the last month that new orders will be accepted for the 2014 kit. Orders will close on 30th January – after that , there will be no further chance to get your hands on this years kit. However, if you’re looking for an XL Jersey then we have about 10 of those available readily to hand. Seems to average ANZA member is getting thinner and we now need more smaller sizes than ever below. Approach your friendly committee rep if you’re looking for an XL – likely we can do you a good deal too 🙂

We cyclists are a great community, but clubs only ever seem to get together for races.  So, in the spirit of inter club cooperation and friendship, the guys at APS (Arrivo Primo Singapura, yes, even though we beat them to the Cat 3 team trophy they don’t bear a grudge) are planning a one day trip to Bintan next Saturday and have sent us an invitation in case any ANZA members would like to join them.  So if you want a good ride out and weren’t able to make this weeks club Bintan trip let me know at and I’ll pass on your interest to the folks at APS.

Good luck, and we hope the weather is kind to the group heading off to Bintan this Saturday, it will be a little quieter than normal at the Food Canopy and Coffee Bean.

No road closures reported for this weekend by our tunneling expert from the LTA (Maybe that’s because he is always underground?)

So with that, Let’s be careful out there.


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