E3 Performance Sports MTB Race

Max Nanni

Sun 11th of Jan, Yishun new ‘MTB XC course’, race 1 of 3 organized by E3Sports.

To kick start the new year E3Sports decided to place his first MTB XC race of the year on the 11th of Jan… Subtle way of saying ‘you better shake off all those Xmas toxins quickly!’
3 hours endurance XC in a new location – which no-one had ever heard off. There were no real details available other then a Google map satellite view which was just confirming a VERY flat course – most likely without any technical substance in it… Good for everyone then, in particular all those road beasts that normally shun dark side events… And in fact there they were!


ANZA team showed up in good formation, our Road Race DS Pierre-Alain Scherwey was leading the rest of the team, namely Donald MacDonald, Philip Routley, Arran Pearson on his fatty, John Cross, the lovely Megan Kinder and myself.

Even though E3Sports has still a bit of work to do in terms of organization to become a reference in race preparation, we are anyway very grateful for the efforts in putting this event up and together, they will surely learn from the few hiccups and improve for next event!

With few minutes of delay on the 8am advertised start time race was on with the 70+ group of riders moving as a whole in peloton formation along the wide flat course. The first lap was practically an hash ride, with front runners hitting dead end, turning back and finding themselves in the middle of a lost pack, over and over again…it was a funny way to learn the treat and tricks of the 15km+ course.

1st lap done & the real race was on and, considering that the only technicality of the course was a 200mt muddy pit, the strong legged went with the strong legged with Pierre obviously among them, and the rest of the field started to fade back at its own pace.
Meg was the first (and only) ANZA casualty, with an early flat and no repair kit had her swapping from race to photography/supporting mode.


At the end of the race, after 4 laps and almost 3hrs of hard racing the rest of the team did pretty well, Pierre had a superb second place just behind Bastian Dohling, the Mav German machine, Arran kept churning that fatty along and was the first of the fats, John, Philip and myself mantaining their top 20 positions… Donald getting lost on one lap but still coming in with a decent time.


Not the best event ever but nice to do something different for a change. Many thanks to E3Sports for the effort! Till next time, cheers from the dark side!


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