Happy New Year from RTI!

The RTI editors were actually planning on extending our off-season until next week but 2 pieces of content fell in our lap on Thursday forcing an early return to work.

The new year brings the usual deluge of  Resolutions and “20 training tips that you positively must do (but aren’t)” type click-bait. Despite it being a bit of a sterile Magazine, I did like the Cycling Magazine staff resolutions where they all publically committed to their goals. This one being  a great aspiration for us all during 2015.

ny resolutionsIt’s a short issue today but 2 important articles.

  1. We have the results of the recent ANZA Jersey design survey. The post turned out to be one of the most popular of the year – so thanks to all those that gave an opinion.
  2. We also have the ANZA Sponsorship Pack that we share we prospective sponsors. We’re coming to the closing point for new 2015 sponsors to sign up – thought it worthwhile to share this for anyone that might know someone with an interest in getting some additional quality coverage for their brand.

On the NY resolution front, do take note that the usual January “I’m going to get fit” resolutions are fully in effect island-wide & the roads are rammed full with new cyclists. Pedal carefully & keep it safe out there!


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