Best ANZA Kit Ever… Results are in!

The vote for the Best ANZA kit ever turned out to be one of our most viewed articles of the year – thanks to all that took the time to vote.

Results are in and the people have spoken.

  • 45% of members said they’d prefer a kit design that was relatively consistent Year-on-Year with only minor changes.
  • 40% were Fashionists wanting a new kit design each year.
  • The remaining 15% dislike change and wanted the kit to always remain constant.

On the vote for the favourite kit design, the Black Kit from 2013 came out as the overall winner by a long margin. It sucked up 54% of the 88 votes that were received.

anza kit resultsMarcel Kittel and team Giant-Alpecin were clearly monitoring the poll closely as their new kit has a definite ANZA 2013 influence…

giantMany thanks for the votes and insight. We’ll pass this onto the design committee for the new kit as one of the inputs to help shape ANZA Kit 2015.

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