Last Chance To Sponsor ANZA Cycling

On a related note to the kit design, we’re also in the process of finalising our club sponsor line-up for 2015.

Few sports can offer the drama, return on investment and the close connection with an engaged participant base that Cycling offers.
Recent research indicated that the average media exposure per UCI WorldTour team is $88.4 million, representing significant returns for sponsors in pro cycling.  Team Sky have said that Tour de France exposure alone generated over $550m of equivalent advertising value to its sponsors last year….

ANZA Cycling won’t claim to reach numbers remotely near those. However, we do offer access to a very large, affluent, engaged member base in Singapore and the region .  We also offer great branding and engagement potential through prominent promotion on the club jersey, roadshows at club events, promotions on our Facebook page and the mighty RTI blog. All of this can be achieved at relatively low sponsorship costs and so the ROI of sponsoring is very attractive.

As part of the process of gathering sponsors, we’ve refreshed the ANZA sponsors pack and thought this should be shared with the members – so you can see the benefits available and the costs involved.

anza sponsorship

Do let us know if you’re aware of any companies, or even champagne lifestyle members that might be interested in getting involved in sponsoring ANZA Cycling for 2015. Might be useful material for the next time that you’re stuck in the lift with that hottie from Marketing, or someone mentions targeting the “expat segment” or if you ever just have a crazy desire to put your name on the ass of every ANZA member!

The sponsorship window closes soon so this is your last chance to get your name up in lights on the jersey! Please contact any of the committee members if you’re interested or would like any more info on how to sponsor the club..

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