Hold The Front Page!

stop-the-press‘Stop the presses’!

We were planning on issuing our usual RTI today – packed with the typical inconsequential fluff that we normally bash out between 8.00-8.30am on a Friday morning.

However, this morning we were honoured to receive a submission from Pete Bennett that made us reconsider our place in the universe. and the meaning of life generally. In writing terms, it’s a full-blown Porterhouse Steak which makes everything published previously look like we’ve been serving you Dog Food. Such a majestic collection of vowels and consonants deserved recognition. Deserved space. Deserved worship.

That the article is about Triathlon makes this all the more astounding.

In its honour, we have dedicated this entire edition of RTI to Pete Bennett’s awesome Busselton Triathlon article. I have no fear in praising it as the single, greatest article ever to grace the RTI.

If you see Pete tomorrow do bow down before him. He is the SRAM powered Dostoyevsky of the ANZA generation. Buy him a beer…slap him on the back…surrender your virginity…whatever. Today is officially Pete Bennett RTI day.

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