Winding Down and Winding Up

cycling santaAs the season slowly winds to an end, our thoughts turn to our better halves, those who put up with our 5am get ups and our sweaty cycling kit being dumped on the floor, with our bikes hanging on the living room walls, with the steady stream of ‘essential bits’ from Wiggle, Evans and Chain Reaction Cycles, and with our obsessing over whether Billy Bob Jones has just done our favourite strava segment 2 seconds faster.  With joy in our hearts, we think about what gifts they should bestow on us during the festive season that will allow us to ride faster, harder, longer, and we think about whether they would get as much pleasure from receiving a Rapha Jersey as we would get from buying it.

This week, we have that alternative view from a cycling spouse, and for a few minutes I’d like you all to show some Christmas spirit and pretend you care whether they mind being woken up at 5am every Saturday morning.

A final reminder that the club Christmas party will be next Saturday, and that in the morning, it would be good to see a little festive colour on your pristine carbon steeds.  At the very least, let’s get out the santa hats and get the party mood started early.

Don has been busy putting together the race calendar for next year, and I will try to kick the back room IT boys into action over the Christmas break to update the RTI calendar with the race agenda and the planned club trips.

One final word from me before I let you get to the cycling spouse, and that is to Dave “Road Report” Powell.  Now just because you go on holiday with your family doesn’t mean you can forget your road report duties.  There we were on Sunday running your recovery ride for you when what should we come across?  Yes, you got it, a closed road in Kranji that was completely absent from your weekly report.  We’ll let you off this time, but next time, the espressos are on you!

Let’s be careful out there

1 thought on “Winding Down and Winding Up

  1. What can I say in my defence your honour? The WiFi in this hotel has special filters which prevents me, first, from accessing my “sources” and, then, from posting to RTI.
    Honest your honour.

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