No need for words!

I hope you all had a great time last night at the post racing social at Picotin.  School play responsibilities unfortunately stopped me from joining you all, but such is life, I’ll see you at the Christmas Party no doubt.  Speaking of which, make sure you sign up for the party to let us know you are coming.

imageWe have so much this week, that there is no need for me to pad the edition with my ramblings, but just a couple of things that came in last minute.

After 10 days of hard number crunching by the Cray Supercomputer at Metasport HQ, the complex algorithm that calculates team positions for Tour de Bintan has concluded and the answer is 42!  So with that, the Team Prize for Cat 3 is hereby awarded to ANZA Cycling!

Well done guys, I can’t say I was much help, but it’s good to be a part of a winning team.

Grab a coffee, and read on through the reports of Tour De Kepri, Taiwan KOM, A return to the past of the Changi Prata Ride and much, much more.

No road closures this week so you’re all good to go for whatever takes your fancy tomorrow, rain permitting of course, so…

Let’s be careful out there


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