ANZA CrankPunk Training Plans

How did your Bintan race go?

If the answer is a bashful “not so good” then might be time to consider signing up for the FREE ANZA CrankPunk training plans.

ANZA Crankpunk training v1

In what we believe is a first-of-its-kind in the region, ANZA Cycling have teamed up with professional coach Lee Rodgers (CrankPunk Coaching Systems) to provide structured coaching services to ANZA Cycling members. This collaboration will provide access to specific training programs to enable members to better develop their general cycling and racing fitness.

Open to current financial members only, monthly training plans are made available via the platform. Interested members will be able to access plans for General Cycling Fitness and/or Racing Preparation. To cater for members with differing amounts of training time available, the plans also have options which can be tailored around your available hours

See the original post here for details on how to get access.

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