RTI – The Bumper Bintan Edition

As is customary (if 2 years can be called a custom) we have a Bumper Bintan Race report edition for you, so I’ll keep it short and let the contributors have their say, just a 4 short messages to add before you go though.

DSCN1931It has been a while but we have a new entry in the Rogues Gallery, and no less than a committee member caught out of club kit on a race weekend.  Is there any greater crime I hear you ask.  Well I’ll let you be the judge of that.

From Nico we have this…

image001For those who wonder how champions prepare mentally before a race, here’s a photo of Kari Nore the Terminatore where she is NOT rehearsing the Bintan crit route in deep meditation. Stay calm and pretend you’re a pirate! Free your mind, and your legs will follow! (Personal message from Nico: Thanks for looking after my ankle biter and saving my racing weekend).

And finally, a bunch of ANZA Cycling members lead by Bjorn “Champagne Lifestyle” Engelhardt sponsored four Cambodian racers to come over to Bintan.  The boys did a great job in Cat 2 although I heard from another team that some thought them a little unruly 😉  The only sticky moment was when it looked like one of them might make a serious challenge for the green jersey being sought by one of the chaps who helped fund them.  Hmmm  now there is a dilema.

DSCN1922Anyway great job Cambodian Kakis and nice one to the folks who helped make it happen.

Good luck to the Taiwan KOM team this weekend and with that… That all folks!
Let’s be careful out there.

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