Singapore National Championships are on (in Malaysia)

I’ll not go into the history and indulge in Singapore Cycling Federation bashing – as there’s enough other posts out there doing that…

For those that don’t know, the much delayed Singapore National Cycling Championships were cancelled last week. Details listed here:

In more positive news, Cycosports immediately stepped up & offered to run an unofficial Singapore National Championships on the same day (Sunday 16th November). This race will be held on the Pasir Gudang motor racing circuit in JB that many of us raced on back in August.


Pasir Gudang is a 30 minutes ride on good roads from the immigration checkpoint & so relatively easy for us to ride to & back. Highly likely that there will be a large peleton riding over from SG & so there’s no chance of getting lost.

The race will also be used as the last race of the 2014 Cycosports series calendar and so will count towards your total score for the year. Many will still be sporting their top end Bintan form so I encourage you to sign up and come along.

Register here:

1 thought on “Singapore National Championships are on (in Malaysia)

  1. Despite all the other racing going on this month let’s try and support this race as best we can. Cycosports have done a great job in organising some brilliant races in the last two years. Gavin, Kent and John are not in it for the fame, glory or money – just wanting to put something back into the cycling community to foster cycling and racing.

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