Bintan or Bust!

It’s that time of year again.  You have all followed Crankpunk’s advice on what to do in the last week so your pencil is as sharp as…  Ladies I’m not sure what you sharpen in the last week, but I’m sure you’ll let me know over the weekend.

In Cat 1, Team DirectAsia have 2,342 riders in their team, so they plan to just man mark every other rider out of the race before launching Pierre at the finish line.  There are 4 ANZA ladies racing (Kari, don’t forget to tell Metasport your team unless you are deliberately going incognito, ninja style), 10 Cat 2 men, so that has the making of a really good squad and 18 in Cat 3, so again some team tactics are a distinct possibility.  Let’s see if we can come home with some jerseys 🙂

Pseudo Singapore Nationals
Last week we brought you the news that the nationals had been cancelled.  The good news is that Kent has stepped in to fill the void left by the nationals being cancelled to put on what looks like being a fun weekend just over the border.  Don has the lowdown on that in this post ——>>>> <click here> So take your race tuned legs for a spin one more time.

Road Report
Thanks to Dave “Road Report” Powell for the following wise words:

Singapore:  Saturday and Sunday – none, although there are new road works at the Jalan Buroh / West Coast Hwy junction.  That’s the funny roundabout with traffic lights on the Kranji ride.  They are diverting lanes for the construction of a flyover.  Kranji and Reverse Kranji rides take note.

Bintan:  Expect the roads to be filled with crazy lycra clad cyclists hell bent on destroying themselves and each other in the hot and hellish rolling roads that make up the Tour de Bintan.  On the plus side, you can safely ignore traffic lights regardless of colour (nothing new for some).

Take care out there

You’ve seen the lights on Orchard Road, you’ve seen the ‘tree’ at Vivo City, that can only mean one thing, it’s Christmas time and so I’ll finish with a couple of important announcements relating to the Christmas Party.

A reminder that the Christmas Party will be on Saturday 13th December and in the morning we will have a special Krismas Kranji.  Dress up in your best Santa Outfit and deck the top tubes with boughs of holly.  Prizes will be awarded for best dressed and best decorated.

Speaking of prizes, as in previous years, we want nominations for the following official categories, but also feel free to make any other serious or not-so-serious award nominations.  Please send any nominations stating the category, who you are nominating and brief note on why you think they deserve the award to or

  • Club Member of the Year,
  • Triathlete of the Year (separate awards for male and female)
  • MTB of the Year (separate awards for male and female)
  • Road Rider of the Year  (separate awards for male and female)
  • Most improved rider  (separate awards for male and female)

Good luck to everybody going to Bintan this weekend, and…
Let’s be careful out there!

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