Singapore Roads – world ranking…

We usually shy away the dangerous ground of proper, factual articles here at RTI. However, a rogue link on a Guardian feature led me to the attached study which I found interesting reading.

It’s a benchmarking page from the World Economic Forum – comparing major countries on a whole variety of indices.  Lets set aside population growth, economic factors and such irrelevant stuff to focus on what really matters – who has the best roads?

The criteria used to assess the road quality isn’t disclosed so I can’t judge the accuracy of the study. Some interesting observations:

  • UAE are rated as having the worlds best roads
  • Old Europe does well – with Portugal, Austria, France and Netherlands taking the next few places.
  • Singapore comes in at number 6 – the top rated Asian country.
  • UK scrapes in at #30.
  • Australia gets a savaging at the hands of Swaziland and makes it in at #43…
  • Norway is hard to believe at #74.

worlds best roads


Go check it out at: (select Table 2.02   Roads)

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