Yahoo Group |The People Have Spoken…

Last week, we asked for your views on the Yahoo Group as usage has been declining sharply in recent years due to the gravitational pull of the ANZA Facebook page.

The results from the survey are in & it’s bad news for those users doggedly still clinging onto Yahoo.

yahoo death of


Given the final result, it’s likely that ANZA will cease proactively publishing all content onto the Facebook pages and Yahoo Group. The Yahoo Group will remain as an archive resource & people can still post on it if they like. However, if you’re relying on it as your sole source of ANZA information & gossip, then it’s likely you’ll start missing out on a lot of information blasts…

For those 3 resisting using Facebook for fear of stalking or information leakage, we’d recommend using an alias and have the privacy setting dialled up to 11.

Adios to Yahoo. Truly the end of an era.

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