Where were you when Robocop dropped the holiday RTI?

Legend has it that Pierre-Alain (Robocop to some) dropped the entire Holiday RTI group at the start of West Coast Highway on Monday and wasn’t seen again (despite spirited chasing) until Coffee Bean.

Now through the majesty of Strava Labs, we can see exactly what happened and how far you all were behind Pierre.

Click here to see how far behind the group was at different parts of the loop: http://labs.strava.com/flyby/viewer/#203906310,scsmDB3ZJgwwOicMCz8nDI1zJwyPlSgM

pierre RTI

Strava Labs is a beta-testing site where Strava pilots potential new features before considering adding them to the site. Well worth a look if you’ve got time.

Whats interesting about it, is that you can paste any Strava activity URL in there (the URL from the top of your ride) and see who else you passed on any ride and where they were throughout. Go check it out – its quite fascinating to see all the people appear on the map as your ride goes on. (http://labs.strava.com/flyby/)

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