Style Man 2.0 | Upside Down Bikes

The Velominati – Rule #49

// Keep the rubber side down.

It is completely unacceptable to intentionally turn one’s steed upside down for any reason under any circumstances. Besides the risk of scratching the saddle, levers and stem, it is unprofessional and a disgrace to your loyal steed. The risk of the bike falling over is increased, wheel removal/replacement is made more difficult and your bidons will leak. The only reason a bicycle should ever be in an upside down position is during mid-rotation while crashing. This Rule also applies to upside down saddle-mount roof bars.

Style Man makes his own rules normally. On this one though, I’m absolutely in agreement with the Velominati. Our glorious carbon steeds should not be on their backs with their gussets showing for the world to see. Even more so on days where it’s raining and they’re getting their poor saddles wet in the muck.

End this madness and give our bikes their dignity back.

image upside down bikes

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