Packing the pounds back on!

poundsHere’s one for the ladies!.  We’ve gone from last weeks Pee Wee Hermanesque lightweight edition to a relatively muscular Jean Claude Van Damme of the cycling club blog world

After the second committee meeting in 3 weeks (or maybe 2 I’m losing track of time as I desperately try to clear my workload before holidays) we have a host of stuff to get out to all you RTI reading members.

So once you ladies have stopped drooling over the photo, we can get down to business.  Lots to cover, so bullet points in this weeks editorial.

  • The club Christmas party is locked in for Saturday 13th December.  Note, by popular request it is a Saturday this year so no excuses not to stay all night.  The menu from Picotin Bukit Timah looks great and we’ll aim to start late afternoon to cater for kiddies then run on until they throw us out for the more hardcore.  Further details to follow.  Suggestions for party games (dodge the golf ball on the driving range perhaps) are welcome and please start thinking about serious and non so serious awards for those who have stepped up or stepped out of line.  Don’t forget now, its on Saturday.
  • Is it time for the club’s communication channel promiscuity to end?  We think it’s time you were all on Facebook.  If you want then turn the privacy settings to max and never post a thing, but we want that to be the more immediate channel for club communication and RTI for write ups, opinions, humour, articles and riding related stuff.  Several times in the last couple of months I’ve run into people who have said they didn’t know about trips when details had been all over Facebook and RTI for weeks, but not posted to the Yahoo group.  Time to mothball Yahoo?  Read the article and take the poll.
  • No space for a photo this week but our ever reliable Dave “Road Report” Powell tells me there are no road closures this week.
  • Bintan training weekend.  Fancy a good training ride in Bintan or just want to go for a ride without stopping at the lights every 2km?  Nico is organising a weekend of riding for October 11-12, so if you want to go get your skates on and let Nico know or drop me a note at and we’ll pass it on.  Cat 3 guys and the ladies squad take note!
  • Don’t forget now, that it is a holiday this Monday and so that means ANZA Cycling will be out in force riding around the island.  Usual Time 6am.  Usual Place Rats Corner.  Groups will be decided based on who turns up for the perfect excuse to spend the holiday afternoon asleep on the sofa!
  • And finally for the updates a plead for sanity on the Kranji 32.  Every week it gets harder to split up the Kranji 32 and every week the range of abilities within the group seems to get wider.  If you are the sort of person who finds the Kranji 32 a blast where you feel strong and want to finish at 33.9 then take a stab at doing a Kranji 34.  On the other hand if you always feel like you’re going to get dropped and the whole thing is torture, then enjoy a more pleasant ride on a Kranji 30.  We’ll have another go at getting everybody to agree whether they are “Fast 32” or “Less Fast 32” but give it some thought before 07.05 on saturday morning.

That’s it for the updates, and now on to the articles.  Click the link or just scroll on down.

That’s it, time for work.  One last thing, don’t forget the Christmas party is on a Saturday!
Let’s be careful out there

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