ANZA Yahoo Group… the end of an era?

ANZA Cycling has been pretty promiscuous in our flirting with new media channels for communications. We have some presence at  ANZA Cycling webpage, RTI blog, the Facebook Group, the Facebook page and the good old Yahoo email group….

Frankly, this is a bit confusing to new members and painful to ensure that content is synchronised across all the touchpoints.

The Yahoo Group is an old stalwart that was the centre of the club in the mid/late 2000’s. However, the arrival of Facebook pretty much evicerated Yahoo’s traffic (and shareprice). See the trend for the ANZA Group posts over the past few years.

yahoo statsWe’re proposing to finally mothball the Yahoo Group and retain Facebook at the primary communication point as thats where most members reside. The Yahoo archives will remain so you can see past history but we wouldn’t actively post new content there.

Before taking this draconian move, we’d like to do a survey to get members views on this idea & see how many people are consuming only via Yahoo with no Facebook access.

Appreciate if you can vote in the link below:




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