ANZA – Team Direct What is it all about?


We’re getting into peak racing season now – with Bintan, Matabungkay, Chiang Mai, Taiwan KoM and the Singapore Nationals all happening in the next 6 weeks.

As a result, you’re likely to come across some of your club teammates wearing the ANZA Team Direct Asia.Com kit at these events. I’m sure this is probably confusing to new members (and even some of the older members…) and so we thought to provide more info on the relationship with TDA.

Put simply,  ANZA Cycling have teamed up with sponsor to build a Singapore-based offshoot of the highly successful Hong Kong Team This is designed to help develop racing within ANZA cycling & provide an avenue for members to compete as part of a team at the highest level of racing across the region. Team members are still members of ANZA but wear TDA kit in events.

A more detailed FAQ on the background, goals and entry criteria to the team is available on the ANZA Facebook page for those wanting more info.

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