When cycling legs meet real life

It’s a slender issue of RTI this week. Think of it as the Weight Weenie edition – where we’ve shed all the fat and focussed down the bare essentials…

In this weeks edition, we have a report from last weekend’s inugural Nusajaya Race in JB and a TriCorner update on the latest results and races in the region. The Nusajaya report is multi-media so watch the video links embedded in the report for some live crash action…

Interesting week for me where I received a couple of unexpected wake up calls about the true fitness of my legs in real-world situations. I’m pretty proud of my legs – the veins pop like a London Subway map & the calves are like someone has welded some overfed turkeys onto the back of my leg.

So I was pretty surprised when I did a bike fit on Wednesday and couldn’t manage some of the basic leg strength exercises and discovered that I’ve basically not been using half my leg muscle groups. More worryingly, my glutes (ass) were described as weak with a lot of room for improvement…  😦

Bloop-Soccer-in-Kovan-300x224Thursday brought me to a futsal pitch for the 1st time in 15 years as part of a team building event.  Pre-game confidence brimmed over as my superior cardio and legs were clearly going to crush the geeky data scientists that make up my team. The fact that we were encased in giant inflatable bubbles for the game would be no problem and I would reign supreme. 15 minutes into the game I found that my cycling strength was of limited use as football uses completely different muscles sets.  I then received a heck of shaming at the hands of people with double digit body fat percentages. Pride and legs are still hurting…

Moral of the story. I guess we’ve got to look beyond cycling sometimes and do some other things to make us more well rounded in our fitness. Maybe its not all about the bike after all…

Enjoy the weekend rides/races and be safe out there.

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