Happy Birthday RTI!

RTI is one year old this week.

PilotWe’ve come a long way from our early days as a weekly Word document / fanzine type thing (click here for a reminder) & this week sees our 160th post on the new electronic RTI. Whilst we’re tooting our own horn, we thought some of you may be interested in some of the stats behind RTI.


  • On average, we get around 250-300 unique visitors per week.Momentum was building nicely but decimated during our month long fiesta in July.
  • Our greatest ever traffic was generated on 21st March issue – which contained a Chengdu race report from Pierre, Martin Reynolds Under The Helmet & the Youtube video of the “angmoh cyclist incident” at Vivocity
  • Ian Burtons Cat 2 Batam Six Bridges race report is the single most viewed article on the site
  • We’re big in Singapore but also have a sizeable following in Mauritus and further afield!
  • Facebook is the most common way that people find us but some unlucky (?) souls got to us through more exotic search terms including:
    • “singapore island of prostitutes”
    • “giants causeway red snails under the rocks that squirt water when you touch them”
    • “must ride like eagle, feeling like superman, one day per week on bike, or training program is shit:
    • And the deep and interesting “did the people that built titanic get to ride her?”.

Stop searching for yourselves on Google – we can see all those searches too…

Road Closures from Dave
None for Saturday.

Sunday will see roads around Changi prison closed in the morning for the Yellow Ribbon Run.  Shouldn’t affect anyone using Loyang Avenue.

Kiddies are having a run around Marina Bay area as well.  Two lanes of Marinal Blvd will be closed, but who rides there anyway.

FrANZA goes to KL
DSCN1656Not content with taking over the sharp end of ANZA Cycling, it seems the French want their own secret cycling signal so they can identify each other on the road, so taking the east coast / west coast hand gestures from stateside (look it up on Google if you dont believe me) they have created their own.  Apparently it is a F – I’ll let you decide.

First Aid
We hope never to need it, but when we have a rider down, it is always handy to have somebody around who knows what they are doing.  The club wants to arrange some First Aid training but we want to know what sort of thing you want.  Can you hunt down Lizzie Hodges post on Facebook where there is a voting option.  If you can’t find it an email to the usual anzacycling.rti.ed@gmail.com with suggestions is always welcome.

Take care out there.

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