Its getting towards that time of year again…

Even as real life gets in the way, the season is building up to its annual crescendo.  This weekend sees another big group heading off to KL for a dose of hill bashing, and the preparation for Tour of Bintan got underway with some carb loading and pre-hydration at Picotin last night.  The Cat 2 guys looked serious with training plans and the like, while the Cat 3 team struggled to find each other on the various tables.

If you have entered TdB and you haven’t already told one of the Category coordinator volunteers (Cat 1 – Don: Cat 2 – Nico: Cat 3 – Andrew: Cat W[omen] – Lizzie) then give them a shout.

Other upcoming events are the Taiwan KOM, The Masters Tour of Chiang Mai, and the final of the Cycosport calendar which has had to make an impromptu move from Desaru to Nongsa with a date change as well (see later for the Cycosport post)

imageUnfortunately, this means we will have to re-plan the club family weekend away that was on the drawing board to coincide with Desaru.

Dave “Road Report” Powell tells us that there are not issues this weekend that will stop you all enjoying your regular Kranji or Changi feast.

And finally, just to get the ball rolling, The Gentleman Cyclist spotted a contender for next years kit, or at least the women’s cut as he was out at Vivo last weekend.  I said we would put it to a vote of the club membership, but given the club demographic, I think this might be what you’re wearing next year ladies 😉

Good luck to those heading out for 200km up Frasers this weekend, and as always, lets look good and be careful out there.



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