Tri-corner 28/8/14


Martin Reynolds

Upcoming races
7 September, Singapore Open Water race, East Coast
Features 800m race and 4k race
More details:

27 September, Singapore Aquathlon, East Coast
Features standard distance (1.5km swim + 10km run) plus youth, kids, junior, elite and relays
More details:


A unusually cool day made for some great times last weekend at Bintan. Cameron Brown was the Full Iron winner with a course record of 8:28, closely followed by defending champ Courtney Ogden. Gina Crawford claimed the title as the female 2014 MetaMan Bintan champion with Diana Riesler in 2nd. Half Iron distance winners were Matthew Ledgar and Kira Flanagan. Tim Cosulich and our very own Kathryn Campbell took out first place in the Blitz. Well done to all those who took part

App of the week – triathlon calculator website
Not an app but a good basic site where you input your pace and its spits out your finishing time. Works for metric and imperial, standard and bespoke distances. Pinpoint the exact pace required to get to your target time or dream a little and work out what a crazy pace is required for a sub 9hr Ironman.


Singapore Triathlon Race report by Wendy Wilcox

Raceday arrived and I was thrilled it was not a very early start. I racked my bike in good time and then chilled out for a while. Transition seemed relatively quiet and a few familiar faces.

I went off to check the swim course and realised I needed something from transition and went back and bumped into Liam Winston who was being very casual about racking up his bike in good time!

We watched all the guys go off and then it was the ‘female’ wave. I kept well away from the pack. The water was disgusting and the visibility was zero so no point trying to hitch a ride.

Swim was fine. Nothing of notability. Straight into transition after a rather slow swim.

The bike course was crowded and as usual the majority of bikers were driving their bike down the centre of the lane so overtaking was a bit tricky. This lot drive their bikes like their cars!!


I caught Ruth Stubbs at 14kms. I had good bike legs and ‘cracked’ on.

This year I managed to do all six laps and came into transition well up the field.

The run was a challenge. The heat had got up and guess who had dropped her gel and only one aid station had gels and I have already passed that!

Having been thrilled to have a late start we were now paying the price and the temperature was starting to increase.

Lap one over and as I passed the finish line for the first time I was delighted to see the ANZA gals screaming and shouting.


A quick hoof around the second lap and onto the finish.
Given that i have spent 99% of this year injured not a bad result and one to build on!

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