Real life gets in the way

Quick editorial this week as work has been getting in the way of the important stuff…

Last night’s Quiz night seems to have been a resounding success with positive vibes flowing across the internet. Congrats tothe winning team of Peter McQuade, Robert Hensby, Marra Teasdale, Vicki Hill, Andrew Kinder, Lizzie Hodges, Ali Lott and John McCann! ¬†Congrats also to the runners up, who finished only 1 point behind (!) Lenka Mikuscakova, Trent Standen, Vanessa Rochester, Helen McClure, Andrew McClure and Matt Latham!

Few things in this weeks edition:

  • A race report from last weeks SG Mountain Bike Carnival from Phil Routley
  • An action packed Tri-corner with a couple of new race reports from last weeks Swim:Bike:Run action
  • A cautionary tale on the dangers of being a sweaty beast in SG
  • An updated cut-out & keep local race calendar – now you’ve no escuse for missing the races!

Enjoy the rest of the day and we’ll see you at Food Canopy tomorrow.

Keep it safe out there.

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