Tour de Bintan Training Groups

Sticking with the racing theme, a few have asked about the clubs plans for Tour De Bintan training this year.

tdb cat2 training grp

For those planning on racing Category 2 this year, a private Facebook group has been created to plan some training for the team. The feeling being that the more the Cat 2 guys train together, the stronger the team spirit and a more agreement from all on who the protected riders should be. Access to the group is open to all ANZA members racing TdB (whether in Cat 1,2,3 or Ladies) – however we do request for only those that are interested in riding as a team and will be riding under ANZA colours in the race.

If interested then please approach Nico Las or any of the other Cat 2 regulars and they’ll get you added to the group.

For Ladies and Cat 3, we are currently earmarking a couple of potential leaders to assist with the training. Likely Mr Cherriman will take his usual charge for Cat 3 & we have a suitably talented person in mind for Ladies. Where possible, we’ll try to leverage some of the material and plans being developed in the Cat 2 group.

Bintan is 10 weeks away. Let the panic commence!


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