Quiet week on the red dot

Another week, another RTI. This week’s issue is quite a compact little devil.

Dirty, hairy legged beast, Phil Routley, turns in a report from last weeks 8 hour (!) Mountain Bike carnival race in Mandai Road.

Our Triathlon brethren prove to be a bit more elusive & despite winning shedloads of silverware in last weeks local Tri events, we only have a small smattering of words.  C’mon – Tri-people, If the roadies can turn a boring 36km TT at Changi straight into 10,000 words then I think you can do better and give us all some great insight into what its like to suffer on the swim-bike-run thingy. Tri-harder for the next one!

Time to remind you on some of the upcoming events going on in ANZA world:

  • KL road trip:  Friday 5-7 September. KL Malaysia
  • ANZA club quiz: Thursday, Aug 28th. Picotin Bukit Timah

As always, keep it safe out there. The Vuelta starts on Saturday and you wouldn’t want to miss it .

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