SCF Master Quad TTT | Channeling my Inner Benson

Races on the Red Dot are few & far between so when word got out of a Time Trial weekend the only thing to do was enter. Not fancying the individual effort I rounded up some of my fellow over 40,s for the Team Time trial.

Masters squadStep forward Gerry Peterson, Andrew Cherriman & Adrian Muir, some volunteered & some were press ganged but Team ANZA 178* was born.

*178 being the combined ages of the team members.

Team rules were very simple: No pointy helmets, No aero bars, No shoe covers, No shaved legs.

Training plans were written, coaches consulted, set training times were laid down & all were promptly discarded as most of us were either on holiday or too lazy prior to race day, so we settled for 30 minutes on the day before the race being drilled by our coach Mark Kelly, ok we rode up & down ECP & then went for free club breakfast.

Race Day

Bright & Sunny weather greeted us, we all showed up on time & we all stuck to the Team rules. We were entered in the Masters category which turned out to be the largest on the day, we were up against 9 other teams who all looked a bit serious with lots of expensive shiny low profile bikes & pointy helmets etc, but to quote a certain American ‘it’s not about the bike’.

Race distance was 36km & involved 3 up & down laps of the Changi straight with 6 dead turns

masters on the roadWe had during our prerace tactics session worked on a strategy which was endorsed by coach Kelly, start slow & get progressively faster, surprisingly we stuck to this & our lap times reduced as we went on. The team worked extremely well together everyone contributing & doing good steady turns with no surging. We had agreed previously that on the last stretch of the race we would sacrifice one rider after he had done a final pull, VP Cherriman stepped up & dragged us to around 2km to go & left it to the rest of us to get on with it, so get on with it we did & on the day we finished up in 4th place in the Masters category.

supportersSpecial thanks to all the ANZA volunteers & cheerleaders on the day, never has an ice cold 100 plus tasted so good.

If you are puzzled by the title of this piece let me explain. Uber rich ProTeam Sky have an in house psychologist who trains the riders not to listen to their Inner Chimp & channel positive thoughts, I prefer to listen to my Inner Benson – Hold the f@*kin wheel !!

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