RTI is back

After a longer than expected summer layover, RTI is back with a bumper race edition for you.  But before we get into that, a few notices.

The Return Of The Sunday Social Ride
A message from Dave “Road Report” Powell

For the past few years the Sunday Recovery ride has become anything but.  Words like “recovery”, redemption and sufferfest have been bandied around for quite a while.  All very good for those who like that sort of thing, and long may it continue to run.

However, for those who like their Sunday rides to be a bit more social there will be a new ride commencing from Rats at 0715.  Route will be the same, a reverse Kranji, with the finishing point probably at Adams Food Centre.  Food Canopy or Shunfu Mart are also options depending on who shows.

Average speed – around 28 (no drop)

Rolling speed – low to mid 30s

Suitable for newbies, convalescents, slow riders, and those who would just like to chat and enjoy the ride rather than bust a gut hanging on.

Those who wish to up the pace are invited to either wait till the 0730 group sets off, or take a long pull at the front – in which case you will soon find yourself riding alone.

So, for those who want to ride on Sunday but have been intimidated by the 0730 group, this one is for you…

National Day Road Closures

Roads around the Flyer are closed from 10am onwards and even before that you can expect congestion.  Changi riders should stay on Nicoll Highway until Stamford Rd.

A day for mass Kranji rides if ever there was one.


This week, we have 3 reports from different Time Trial teams as well as my musings on L’Etape du Tour which featured Tourmalet and Hautacam this year in conditions that were less than perfect.

Read on, enjoy, and as always, send us your ride reports.

Let’s be careful out there.

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