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Real life gets in the way

Quick editorial this week as work has been getting in the way of the important stuff…

Last night’s Quiz night seems to have been a resounding success with positive vibes flowing across the internet. Congrats tothe winning team of Peter McQuade, Robert Hensby, Marra Teasdale, Vicki Hill, Andrew Kinder, Lizzie Hodges, Ali Lott and John McCann!  Congrats also to the runners up, who finished only 1 point behind (!) Lenka Mikuscakova, Trent Standen, Vanessa Rochester, Helen McClure, Andrew McClure and Matt Latham!

Few things in this weeks edition:

  • A race report from last weeks SG Mountain Bike Carnival from Phil Routley
  • An action packed Tri-corner with a couple of new race reports from last weeks Swim:Bike:Run action
  • A cautionary tale on the dangers of being a sweaty beast in SG
  • An updated cut-out & keep local race calendar – now you’ve no escuse for missing the races!

Enjoy the rest of the day and we’ll see you at Food Canopy tomorrow.

Keep it safe out there.

Singapore MTB Festival

Phil Routley

The second MTB race in two weeks and this one took riders to Tampines for a
real gem of an XC short course circuit on Saturday and a downhill
competition on the Sunday.

Late changes to the XC schedule saw the elite category removed and the
start times pushed out to mid afternoon making for very competitive racing
in very hot conditions.

Those same changes also saw the introduction of a fat tyre category, it’s
been incredible to see just how quickly these bikes are growing in
popularity, equally impressive was the pace the eventual winner was racing


The course itself was just over 3km and each category only 3 laps so the
pace was frantic from the get go. Myself and Mike Daish were representing
ANZA in the master B category amongst a strong field with Morten Hansen,
Cannasia and a bunch of local riders that I don’t know but all of which
happily put their foot down from the start.


Frankly I just wasn’t in it from the start and after the first climb was
already losing time to the front runner’s. Mike however powered off in the
lead group, overtaking one of the cannasia riders and making another
cannasia rider and eventual winner work damn hard for the overall victory.

In the end Mike fought it out and secured 2nd place.  I thought the marshal
on the finish line was mad when he told me I had finished on the podium
given I knew I’d finished 5th but to my surprise the organisers were indeed
awarding medals to the top 5 finishers.   So some more medals for the pool
room and for Mike amongst other things a case of Monster Energy drink, so
if you hear him making his legendary loud calls (OVERRR, CLEAAARRR) even
louder on the rides during the weeks ahead you know why.


Tri-corner 28/8/14


Martin Reynolds

Upcoming races
7 September, Singapore Open Water race, East Coast
Features 800m race and 4k race
More details:

27 September, Singapore Aquathlon, East Coast
Features standard distance (1.5km swim + 10km run) plus youth, kids, junior, elite and relays
More details:


A unusually cool day made for some great times last weekend at Bintan. Cameron Brown was the Full Iron winner with a course record of 8:28, closely followed by defending champ Courtney Ogden. Gina Crawford claimed the title as the female 2014 MetaMan Bintan champion with Diana Riesler in 2nd. Half Iron distance winners were Matthew Ledgar and Kira Flanagan. Tim Cosulich and our very own Kathryn Campbell took out first place in the Blitz. Well done to all those who took part

App of the week – triathlon calculator website
Not an app but a good basic site where you input your pace and its spits out your finishing time. Works for metric and imperial, standard and bespoke distances. Pinpoint the exact pace required to get to your target time or dream a little and work out what a crazy pace is required for a sub 9hr Ironman.


Singapore Triathlon Race report by Wendy Wilcox

Raceday arrived and I was thrilled it was not a very early start. I racked my bike in good time and then chilled out for a while. Transition seemed relatively quiet and a few familiar faces.

I went off to check the swim course and realised I needed something from transition and went back and bumped into Liam Winston who was being very casual about racking up his bike in good time!

We watched all the guys go off and then it was the ‘female’ wave. I kept well away from the pack. The water was disgusting and the visibility was zero so no point trying to hitch a ride.

Swim was fine. Nothing of notability. Straight into transition after a rather slow swim.

The bike course was crowded and as usual the majority of bikers were driving their bike down the centre of the lane so overtaking was a bit tricky. This lot drive their bikes like their cars!!


I caught Ruth Stubbs at 14kms. I had good bike legs and ‘cracked’ on.

This year I managed to do all six laps and came into transition well up the field.

The run was a challenge. The heat had got up and guess who had dropped her gel and only one aid station had gels and I have already passed that!

Having been thrilled to have a late start we were now paying the price and the temperature was starting to increase.

Lap one over and as I passed the finish line for the first time I was delighted to see the ANZA gals screaming and shouting.


A quick hoof around the second lap and onto the finish.
Given that i have spent 99% of this year injured not a bad result and one to build on!

Racing Calendar | 2H 2014

We’ve updated the regional racing calendar to show some of the upcoming events in the region. We’ve also highlighted any ANZA trips and local holidays that we’re aware off to enable to you seek early permission (& get the bribes in early) from the partner…

To view in full Technicolour beauty, simply click on the PDF download at the foot of the post.

ANZA racing calendar v2

ANZA Racing Calendar 2014 v2


Getting smashed at the bars

Almost but not quite…. different type of bars…

Finally got round to changing my filthy bar tape this week and got a bit of a shock. My Alien-queen like sweat had managed to eat through my handlebars leaving me with a gaping hole just at the brake lever. Previously I’d always thought of myself as a non sweaty beast that glows rather than perspires. Given the bars are only 6 months old this was a real wake up call time!

decay bars

Moral of the story? If you’re running with alloy bars then suggest you change the bar tape regularly just to make sure everything is alright. The SG climate is incredibly hard on the alloys so you need to be careful to avoid cataclysmic failure. If in doubt, get yourself down to BikePlus – I’m sure they’d be happy to help you out with some quality carbon bars at a great price!

The Gentleman Cyclist – Winning

Gentleman Cyclist

Still trying to get through his backlog of post, TGC has been beavering away. His butler takes him a couple of letters at breakfast with his liver, eggs and kippers, and if he likes what he reads he pens a quick reply. Of course if he doesn’t like what he sees, then your letter is just fuel for the drawing room fire.

Here is one that seems to have made the cut…

Dear TGC
A friend of mine shared with me your reply regarding trivia quizzes. I was particularly heartened by your assertion that winning is everything since as I like to say to my wife and friends at all possible opportunities “I am a cyclist”.  They often respond “You mean you ride your bike a bit?” To which I have to reassert myself “No! I am a cyclist”.

By this clearly I want them to understand that I cycle to demonstrate my superiority over other mere bike riders and that in doing this, every ride is a challenge, a competition, every bike rider a target to be caught and passed.

What I wanted to ask your sagely advice on is the right form of celebration when winning a club sprint, a local bike race, or clearly as this is coming up very soon, when I dominate the club Quiz Night.

Yours in anticipated glory
The Cyclist

Dear Cyclist
I admire your competative spirit! Anybody who says that it is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that matters has clearly either lost so many competitions that he has forgotten that the whole point is to try to win or they were brought up under the British Education system of the 1990’s and somehow think that coming last at British Bulldogs while being dumped on your head doesn’t in some way encourage you to try harder next time.

You are a kindred spirit, a brother in arms, you can be wingman to my Top Gun any time, but…

A gentleman never reveals the pleasure of the win.

While you must of course win, you must accept the victory with grace as though it was at all times a foregone conclusion. Not for the gentleman the pumping of the arms with a hearty “Boo Ya!”. Learn your lessons from Mark Cavendish when he thanks his team for their work in propelling him over the line with a “The team did all the work I was just the man who crossed the line first”

Yes dear Cyclist, when and if you do indeed dominate the club Quiz Night, Suppress your emotions my friend and stoically accept the prize with a gentle nod. After all nobody likes a terrible boast!

Last of all, hope that I am not on another team since clearly, TGC is going to win.

Yours in full knowledge of the glories to come


The Gentleman Cyclist – Quizzing Etiquette

Gentleman CyclistANZA club quiz: Thursday, Aug 28th. Picotin Bukit Timah

The Gentleman Cyclist has been overseas for a while searching for rare wines and somebody who makes the perfect Cognac, but having achieved these noble goals and taken the steam ship back to Singapore with his bounty (Import duty paid of course), he has started on the task of tackling the large pile of letters that were blocking the front door on his return.
Having discussed with with the masters of queuing theory, CBTL, how to deal with a large backlog, they reliably informed him that last in first out is the way to go so we grabbed the top letter and rushed it upstairs to the Library where we found TGC reading a strangely titled “Trivial Facts From Around The World”.

I thought about commenting that a Gentleman shouldn’t be concerning himself with Trivia, but thought better of questioning my master lest he give me one of those withering looks that makes me think I should start considering my position.

Dear TGC
I really hate to bother you with something so small, but I am in a real dilemma.  My cycling club is having something called a “Quiz Night” next thursday that aims to test our knowledge of facts about cycling and other unrelated matters. I have never been particularly good at these events but hate to lose at anything, so I wanted to seek your advice regarding the use of smatphone devices to look up the answers to questions.
Would this be regarded as a bad thing?

I look forward to hearing your advice

Lacking in knowledge

Dear Lacking
You present an interesting question, and one that I fully understand as I peruse my copy of “Trivial Facts from Around The World”.  There are so many useless facts that one can be questioned on that it seems totally unfair that one cannot make use of all sources of knowledge and after all, the interweb thingy was created for the sole purpose of housing the totality of man’s knowledge that was not important enough for anybody to actually bother remembering.

I mean, who knew that the bicycle was actually created so that a gentleman could spend more time at the club with his associates, an aged glass of Cognac, and a fine Cuban cigar and yet still make it home in time for when his good wife has dinner on the table.

Or that the rear derailleur was created, not to assist those who do not have the strength and endurance of Maurice Garin, but to give gentlemen an excuse to retire to their garage knowing they could not be questioned “I’m sorry my dear, I can’t go with you to meet the vicar this afternoon, there appears to be a small problem with my rear derailleur that I need to look at in the garage before tackling the ride up to Box Hill tomorrow”

Or that electronic shifting was invented, not to make make an already smooth gear change system better, but to put a stop to that pesky practice of home mechanics resolving their own technical issues and cable changes, and to ensure that all issues had to be taken back to the local bike shop. Thus speeding up the process of wealth transfer from yours truly to the local mechanic.

I’m do apologise, I digress. As a cyclist, you are fully aware that winning is everything and the manner in which the win happens is secondary.

You will also understand, that you have only cheated if you get caught, otherwise you have simply demonstrated your brilliant knowledge of the modern world and beguiled all those around you as to how you can retain so much information without it leaking from your ears.

My advice to you therefore Ms Lacking is to use all the tools at your disposal, just don’t get caught doing it, and certainly do not attribute any of this advice to me.

Good luck in the quiz, I’m sure you will emerge victorious.

Best regards

Quiet week on the red dot

Another week, another RTI. This week’s issue is quite a compact little devil.

Dirty, hairy legged beast, Phil Routley, turns in a report from last weeks 8 hour (!) Mountain Bike carnival race in Mandai Road.

Our Triathlon brethren prove to be a bit more elusive & despite winning shedloads of silverware in last weeks local Tri events, we only have a small smattering of words.  C’mon – Tri-people, If the roadies can turn a boring 36km TT at Changi straight into 10,000 words then I think you can do better and give us all some great insight into what its like to suffer on the swim-bike-run thingy. Tri-harder for the next one!

Time to remind you on some of the upcoming events going on in ANZA world:

  • KL road trip:  Friday 5-7 September. KL Malaysia
  • ANZA club quiz: Thursday, Aug 28th. Picotin Bukit Timah

As always, keep it safe out there. The Vuelta starts on Saturday and you wouldn’t want to miss it .

Lorong Asrama Mountain Bike Carnival

By Phil Routley

Last weekend a few hundred riders gathered at Lor Asrama for the 2014 Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival, an 8hr enduro event that riders can race as a group or choose to go solo. This was my third outing with ANZA MTB and the plan this year was to race in the mixed quad category, Quad gives a far more sociable day out with the added benefit of ensuring our resident president Lynda Scott was locked into a team and that each team member got a little more rest between laps than you will get racing as a duo and way more if you are mad enough to race solo.

A week out from the race our team mate Donald MacDonald (don’t you edit this out Don) pulls out due to a business trip or was it last minute nerves? Lucky for us Arran Pearson had just arrived in Singapore and had hooked up with us for an ANZA MTB social ride the weekend prior to the race. Trying not to look desperate we begged him to join us. As it turns out Arran is a bike nut (aren’t we all?), he was tossing up between his fat tyre bike or something a bit more sensible, turns out sensible to Arran was a single speed custom built titanium hulk of a bike with water bags fixed to the frame already loaded with over 10 litres of water and additional racks for caring more luggage if he needed it…..kind of flies in the face of light bikes but this is racing in Singapore and amongst all the overpriced bike bling and abundance of fat tyre bikes Arran’s sensible option, or as Lynda put it “sensible as in your granny’s undies sensible” didn’t end up turning that many heads

Anyway a start time of 8am became 8:30am due to some trouble with the timing system, so yes I guess that makes it a 7 and half hour enduro. Technicalities aside I had the honor of volunteering for the first lap. Sitting at the start line i felt like the odd one out on my 26inch wheeled bike surrounded by 29ers, fat tyre bikes and a handful of 650b’s (27.5 inch tyres). Anyway once we are under way there was a group of around 20 riders out the front which quickly halved after the first hill and a slightly built 13 year old demonstrating what it is like to have youth on your side setting the pace.


The course isn’t overly technical, just under 9km in length, a few hills with the highest climb running at a 12% gradient and lasting about 400 metres but when ridden multiple times over 8 hours in the searing heat the course quickly tests your climbing ability and endurance…in fairness it’s a great course to introduce yourself to off road racing.

We got off to a strong start with some quick laps but unfortunately Mike Daish had allegedly been eating too many bagels as a result of his jetset life & suffered a flat tyre on his second lap, he blamed it on the loose rocks but regardless of whether he wanted to face the facts valuable time was lost and had to be made up. Seemingly a lot of other riders had also been eating too many bagels as there were flats suffered throughout the day by everyone.

A change in tactics saw us make up valuable time and start to fluster the team in first place as they realised we were closing back in on them. In the end we ran out of time, finishing in second place, equal on laps but around 9 minutes behind. A brilliant effort from everyone and another great event from the folks at Dirtraction.


Big thanks to ANZA for supporting the team on the day.