Under The Helmet | David Cox


Who are you?

David Cox. Former Road Director and currently a former cyclist.

Where are you from and how long have you been in Singapore?

England 5 years

How long you been riding?

Not long enough

Whats in your bike cabinet?

Not enough! Condor Italia, Condor Legerro, Cervelo R5, Avanti Corsa, Cinelli Bolt.

Greatest cycling achievement?

Surviving the Haute Route Alps without my knee falling off (that had to wait). Getting to the top of Taiwan KoM without getting off the bike.

Worst crash?

Me versus motorbike outside Kennington Police Station

Most embarrassing moment in life?

Fortunately most occurred before camera phones and so if you weren’t there you don’t need to know.

Most embarrassing moment on a bike?

Crashing on Orchard Road in front of a lot of people on my way to the Anza cycling AGM or crashing on the way back from the OCBC ride.

If your life was a film, what would it be?

Up in the Air

Motto in life?

I am always right.

Motto on the bike?

Take pride in your ride – it will keep you going.

Words of wisdom for the club members?

Enjoy yourself, ask questions and suggest ideas.

What’s the last song you’d play before a race to motivate yourself?

Theme to Top Gun / Highway to the Danger Zone (also from Top Gun).

If your life were a film, who would you want to play you?

Scarlett Johansson – for the leg shots! Otherwise Cristian Bale.

Favourite SG ride and why?

Kranji with a Killer Loop – Long enough sections without lights and there is always a something different to see; dogs, snakes, trucks, dunage ….

Where can you be found when not on the bike?

Changi Airport.

Best ride in the region that you have done?

Taiwan KoM

Cycling ambition still to be tackled?

Sub 4 hours on Taiwan KoM

3 words which best describe you?

Depends on the day of the week.



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