Not Another Kranji | Prison Loop

An old favorite but one that seems to be getting a lot less activity these days judging from Strava. The Changi Prison Loop is a good way of rounding out a TT practice session on Changi straight. With some mixed, rolling terrain it’ll certainly wake up the legs after the flat of the runway stretch!

changi loop

The loop itself is 22km  and will require a 36km average speed to beat the current  KOM leader. Looks easy on paper but the hills and increasing number of traffic lights make it a challenge.

Prison Loop starts at the end of Changi straight – where we typically regroup after the sprint. It heads north up the straight all the way through to Changi Village. Stay on the main road all the way to the bottom of the hill on Loyang Avenue. At the junction take a left onto Loyang Way which is where things start getting interesting.

Loyang is mostly shaded by trees but the constant up and down brings little respite. If you’re able to notice the WW2 memorial chapel, army base and surprisingly large prison then you’re clearly not going hard enough. The road eventually links you straight into  Upper Changi Road North.  A quick left at the end then takes you over the TPE and into a fast downhill on Upper Changi Road East. Somewhere around here is an SIA training facility where the stewardesses learn their craft so it’s sometimes some fine scenery on the downhill…

Hard left at Xilin Avenue and that just leaves a 3km blast past the country club back to the end of Changi straight. Recover, breathe and go round again!

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