Cycling Solidarity

colin2Last Saturday saw the tremendously well attended tribute ride to Colin Robertson. The gentle ride out to Changi was attended by 200+ riders with all the major clubs coming together to pay their respects to a an amazing rider and a good guy.

What was clear from the chat on the way out was how people were suddenly more aware of our vulnerability on the road. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to remind everyone for the need to carry some ID and contact information when you’re out riding – in case something unfortunate should happen.

The ANZA Card has your name, contact details and some medical info on the back – try and make it  standard in your backpocket on the bike. For those that are even more safety conscious, can I also suggest getting a Road ID. Its only $30 and a great way of quickly letting people know who you are, who to call, what your insurance details and blood type are.

On a more upbeat note, the summer slowdown is finally over and the RTI Monkeys have again been chained to the typewriters to churn out some content. Today we’re blessed with 2 accounts of the recent KL road trip, a Viking Under The Helmet and Martins regular Triathlon update.

Whatever you’re riding this week this week, keep it safe out there.



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