Not Another Kranji| er….Kranji variations

Ironic really. A series designed to highlight those SG roads less travelled and here we are talking about Kranji…

That being said, Kranji is a mainstay of SG cycling ( my Strava says I’ve done it 192 times!) and there’s a number of ways it can be incorporated in loops to make it more interesting, challenging or just to get more distance. Occasionally the Fast Kranji group shoehorn these into the Saturday rides and this is something we’d like to encourage more off this year.

Killer Loop and Suicide Loop

kranji killer

This one is probably the most well known and ridden of the Kranji variations. A favourite of the Fast Kranji group in the lead up to races. The loop adds ~30km to a regular kranji by looping back at the end of LCK, heading up the rolling hills to Coastguard Sprint and then a reverse Kranji to the dam before u-turning into a normal kranji again. It gives approx 35km of challenging terrain with the chance of only a single light.

The Suicide Loop variation follows the same course but the 1st loop goes past the end of LCK upto NTU for a quick circuit before then heading back down LCK to Coastguard Sprint. One for the truly deranged…

Crazy Kranji

kranji krazy

Less complex than the Killer Loop, Crazy Kranji effectively merges the loop from the Sunday Cycleworx Crazies ride into a Kranji. Do a normal Kranji Loop and then hang a left at the end of LCK onto the super smooth Brickland Road. From Brickland, follow the Crazies route back to Woodlands Road via Bukit Batok but don’t turn back onto Mandai. Simply keep going straight and then into a normal Kranji.

This option has more lights than the Killer Loop but still adds another 30km to the standard route.

Bartley kranji

kranji pete

Recently piloted into the club by Pete Bennett, this one isn’t so much a Kranji variation as a new, longer way to get there. From Food Canopy, head up Adam Road but stay on the flyover all the way past the usual Thomson turnoff ramp. The flyover continues for another 16km of uninterrupted bliss till you get out just before IKEA at Tampines.

Hang a left through Punggol, Seng Kang , Mandai and into a standard Kranji. Traffic is a bit heavier on the Bartley Road flyover but the lack of traffic lights makes it a great ride for a smaller fast group. This option turns the Saturday Kranji into a 100km loop from Food Canopy.

Do let us know in the comments if you have any other variations to recommend.

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