Holidays, are they worth it?

EtapeSo I’m off to France in 4 weeks to ride up a couple of small bumps.  Much like doing SBV followed by Faber I’m told.  I mean when the Clementi flyover went up, it doubled the available climbing in Singapore so just how hilly can France be?

Why is it that the closer I get to a holiday the larger my workload becomes and when I get back I’ll have the pleasure of an email inbox that will be dominated by emails from our IT department saying my inbox is full.  Stop telling me my inbox is full and then maybe it won’t be is all I can say!

As we head towards that point we have a slight drought of trip reports, which hopefully will be remedied by the crew heading to KL this weekend.  Enjoy the cycling, I am so jealous!  But here is a thought for you for the “Summer”.  If you’re away in far flung places doing some interesting rides, we want to know.  Take some pictures, record the route on strava if you can, send a report and we can make your exploits famous

Don has been hard at work searching out variations to ride routes across the island and now knows every possible Kranji variant.  He also has a solution for those of you who travel too much for work, and just don’t find CNN or BBC World motivating enough in the hotel gym.

I’m looking for your ideas to help me set my agenda for getting stuff done for you all this year, so put your thinking caps on and be ready to roll up your sleeves and help.

And Martin, as reliable as ever, has news for those of you for whom riding is just not punishment enough.

Not another Kranji
VP Page – So Now What?
The Best Strava Tool

Wherever you are this weekend, let’s be careful out there.

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