World cup yawn

The wee hours of this morning saw the start of the World Cup for those that are into that type of thing. I found it amusing to see my local team-mates come in today proudly boasting of getting up at a previously unheard off 6am (gasp!) to watch the 2nd half. Pointing out that I’ve usually done 40km by 6am didn’t go down well….

Whilst the roads are quiet at the moment due to the SG school holidays, do be careful over the coming month as there’s going to be a much higher chance of drunk drivers with people coming out of the pub post-footie at 5-6am.

Thursday night saw the ANZA EGM take place in the excellent Picotin at Bukit Timah golf driving range. Despite the 7pm timing, we had an impressive crowd of 40 attend and experience the first rate ribs, burgers and Heineken put on by Picotin. General feedback was super positve and I’m sure we look forward to more great club social nights like this.

For those that missed it, the main event was the election of the new club committee.
The new committee are (From L to R):

Andrew Cherriman: Vice President

Steven Wong: Treasurer

Andrew Kinder: Secretary

Megan Kinder: President

Donald MacDonald: Road Director

Martin Reynoids: Triathlon Director

(Lynda Scott: MTB & Neridah Bermingham: Membership were both absent from the picture)



Other than the EGM, it’s been a quiet week in RTI for most. Dean Campbell had an interesting time at the Trifactor race – involving a number of broken bones & an amazing act of sportsmanship from the Specialized Mavericks Stephen Ames. Due to the busted collarbone, typing is painful but he sucked it up & busted out a race report!

Club KL Trip

Next weekend sees the club taking a trip to KL with a large number signed up and 2 speed groups planned it should be a great outing and we’re looking forward to the reports.  If you are spurred on at the last minute to join this trip, please let Nico or Megan know via their facebook posts

Stay safe out there.



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