Is it summer yet?

It was recently commented on that it is lighter in the mornings these days, with the sun coming up at 6.50 instead of the more usual 6.55 and so we have drawn the conclusion that is must be summer somewhere in the world.  As people head off for vacations and school holidays, we realise that there may be less material for RTI, and so we will at some point switch to a more ad-hoc posting frequency.  Namely, when you send us your holiday riding exploits, we’ll post them but don’t look for a wealth of articles every week.

Don’t forget, June 12th, Picotin Bukit Timah, 7pm.  And if you can’t make it, make sure you send in your email vote.

Road Report
No pretty picture of Dave this week as I’m away from my normal computer writing this in Bali (I know, life is tough, perhaps the club could chip in for a permanent writers retreat?) so can’t get the normal files.  Anyway, the important news is that there are no road closures on Saturday, but the Changi Coastal Road is closed on Sunday from 5am to midday for the Tri-Factor bike race.  Good luck to anybody taking part in that.

KL Trip
Don’t forget to let Nico known if you are interested in the KL trip in a couple of weeks. He has sent many reminders via Facebook so you should have his details.  The trip is up to 20+ people now so you won’t be lonely, and there will certainly be enough for at least 2 groups with differing speeds.

This week’s released is mostly about Kuantan, a great little ride, let’s hope we can get a few more going next year.

That’s all from me.  G+T’s to consume and a whole suckling pig to devour or something like that anyway.

Let’s be careful out there.

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