Navigating the ANZA Kit Ordering Process

For those that have somehow managed to miss it, the kit is now on sale via the CS webpage – if you haven’t already got your hands on it, our first order closes at the end of the month (Saturday evening) for production – so if you were one of those previously interested in some winter gear for Etape or to keep you warm on a “Summer” holiday in EU, winter jackets, gillets, gloves and a new cap design are all online now and ready for purchase for delivery mid/late June. The prices are good, the quality is high and if you miss this order, you will need to wait until mid July to receive the next order.
Some background and explanation behind the changes made:
Once this order is closed, each month a new order will open and be compiled for delivery between 2 and 4 weeks later. To get this system up and running has taken an undue amount of time we admit, but the committee has taken a few hard decisions this past year to try and improve how things work into the future for kit and sponsorship arrangements. This online kit sale portal is the first of those for 2 main reasons, firstly to prevent the club being stuck with excess stock each year – typically this has been our greatest single expense annually and a drain on club resources. Secondly, to allow us to have perpetually available kit – now the site is up, when a new design comes in, the online store simply updates, the old design is removed and the new one appears as an option. How a new kit launch night will be conducted is yet to be defined, but we have 7-8 months to worry about that!
The second big decision is the proposal put to the upcoming EGM to change the operational year from roughly the calendar year to beginning in June and finishing in June the following year – this has massive advantages in terms of having a committee in place with 7-8 months to sort out sponsorships and new kit design (far and away the biggest jobs of the year) instead of the current scenario where the committee is newly formed and expected to complete all the necessary tasks within the first month or so of their tenure during the Christmas/New Year season. Its possible, but difficult to make things happen quickly when many people travel and factories shut for manufacturing.
More on this at the meeting – please make sure your details are up to date and get along to enjoy a beer and some food with your club members at the new Picotin bukit timah!
(All current members are invited and you should have received emails on the topic.  If you haven’t, and you’re a member of both ANZA andANZA Cycling, drop a quick line to or we will update your contact details. )
Entering the CS Direct Order site
  1. To access, log in to:
  2. Use ‘anzasing’ for both the username and password when first entering the site. You can then establish your individual account/login.


  • Go crazy. Order away.
  • A myriad of items await your purchase, including winter-weight gear, wind vests, tri-kit, gloves, those silly little caps and much more!
  • FYI if you are looking for the standard club jersey, it is listed as “CS Air short-sleeve jersey – club cut”.
  • Here is a quick description of the jersey types/fabric weights etc.

CS TECH – most basic CS jersey – ‘standard’ fabric weight
CS AIR – same as the initial club launch (mesh side panels and all over use of the super lightweight CS AIR fabric)
CS AIR EDGE – as above with flatlock seams (black thread all over, no raised seams on the inside)
AIR PRO – as above but with lycra sleeves
RAZOR – bit nicer fabrics, narrowest cut (more ‘euro’, favoured by the ultra-fast racing members)
FLEECE – winter gear

  • ‘Club cut’ is the standard, more generous cut, ‘race cut’ is slimmer and tighter.
  • Please check the sizing charts. You may need a tape measure…
  • If unsure how to use a tape measure, visit BikePlus to try the fit-kit they keep in store.


  • Please note that this is the Australian site and all transactions are in AUD.
  • Don’t worry about AU GST. The good people at CS have already removed it, as it is not applicable on goods leaving Australia.
  • Even better… You will not be charged a shipping fee.
  • And while there is a 5% surcharge for the credit card facility (which will become apparent when the payment page appears), CS has already put a fairly hefty discount on our items.


  1. Take note of the ‘last order’ date. Orders placed before this date will be grouped for delivery to Singapore 3-4 weeks from this date.
  2. You will be notified when your order has arrived at BikePlus.
  3. You’ll need to show your receipt for collection – the email receipt/confirmation on your phone should do the trick.


NB. Access to club kit should really be the reserve of bonafide Club Members. If you are not a club member but would like some kit, please do the right thing and join up as a member first. To do so, first Join ANZA. Then when your ANZA membership is active, Join ANZA Cycling.
safe riding,

President, ANZA Cycling

2 thoughts on “Navigating the ANZA Kit Ordering Process

  1. Does Bike+ have samples of the complete range, or only the summer kit. Am looking to order arm/leg warmers and a gillet, but with each item having 4 varieties, 5 sizes and descriptions I don’t understand it’s a bit like buying a ‘pig in a poke’. Any advise out there?

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