Standing For Vice President

DSC_3166 Andrew Cherriman for VP!

Many of you will know me better as the co-editor of this blog along with Don, so you may already have read some of my cycling history as Dr RoadRash.  The important bits, I guess, are that I’ve been in Singapore and a member of ANZA Cycling for almost six years and have a passion for cycling and a passion for helping to make this club better than it already is.  I hope many of you have seen this through the time I invest in RTI, or through the Bintan Cat 3 training rides I have organised over the last 3 years, or the trips away that I have either helped organise or taken part in.

I believe most people want a club that encourages and supports the members in doing what they love most, and that is riding their bikes.

I believe we live in one of the best places in the world for variety of riding opportunities, and that our club should help us take advantage of that, not just financially but through knowledge and the collective experience of those who have been here a while and know how and where to get things done.

I believe that the members should be told what the committee is discussing and the decisions made, and that the members should be invited to contribute to the committee agenda and discussion.

Most of all though I believe that the committee is there to help facilitate getting us, the members who make this club what it is, together to ride our bikes, to socialise, to make new friends, to have fun in what is, for many of us, a brief time that we spend here.

For those reasons I’m standing for Vice President and below are some of the things I would like to try to get done in the first year:

  • Provide more support for the beginners and less experienced riders to help build their skills and confidence on the bike and on the roads.
  • Provide a calendar of social events, whether they are pub quizzes or BBQs on the east or west coasts.
  • Enlist some of you, the members, to create a diary of club trips away from Singapore’s shores, whether those are Bintan, Batam, Mersing, Kota Tinggi.  But with a focus on ensuring we can cater for a variety of levels.
  • And sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to do, I want to help get you all more involved in decisions around the club kit and to fix the problems we seem to have with getting that kit to you.

DSCN1390If those sound like things you would like for your club, then let me have your vote in the EGM on June 12th and if you can’t attend in person don’t forget to send in your vote to the club secretary.

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