How come it never rains. (it only pours)

Readers of a certain age might remember the title above from 80s cult rockers Dogs D’Amour. It seems to have been a song on endless loop in my head over the past week with both Saturday and Sunday bringing biblical rain. The Fast Kranji went full gas down LCK only to achieve a 26km avg in the 2 inch deep flood. I’m sure countless ANZA members were scanning their Garmin T&Cs to see if water damage is covered (hint – it’s not). I’ll never complain about the dry spells or choking haze again.

Batam Racing Weekend
This weekend brings the Cycosports Batam 6 Bridges and the Wheels for Change charity ride for UNICEF. Good luck to riders in all categories. We look forward to hearing some stories from each of the cats in next weeks RTI.


Singapore Bike Hash
One of our members asked me to advertise a special Singapore Bike Hash event.  If anybody  knows what a bike hash is, please let me know but apparently they are great fun.  If you don’t know what a bike hash is, then visiting might give you the information you need.

Anyway, back to the event.  It’s on June 1st and there is a nice prize on offer of a Niner MTB reputed to be worth up to $3,500.  So for anybody who was planning on going to Kuantan, perhaps this should be the event for you.  Go on, smash it, bring home the prize for ANZA Cycling and write me a report so that we all might know what a bike hash is.

Fill Yer Boots with ANZA Cycling Kit!
The online kit ordering is up and running, get going and order your kit today so you’re in the first batch.  Instructions have been posted on the ANZA facebook page by Megan or you can try to navigate yourself with by using ‘anzasing’ as the user name and password.

Committee Elections
There seems to be a lot of shy potential committee members out there, so Don and I thought we’d get the ball rolling with our manifestos.  We hope a few more will come forward and let you all know what they want to get done for the club in the next 12 months

Monster Multilingual Mersing Write-up
I thought it wasn’t going to come on time but just before we went to press the write-up from last weekend’s Mersing trip arrived on my doormat. Its a good one.

For those of you not racing this weekend, I’ll see you at 6am at Rats Corner or 7am at the Food Canopy, I assume you have all worked out where it is by now.

So with that, have a good read, and as always…..

Let’s be careful out there!

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