They came, they saw. Drank my beer and dropped me on the hills…

Combining a national holiday (RTI!), the Giro, Tour of California and Dunkirk races all into a single week has OD’d me on cycling this week & I have a behind in need of some serious Chamois cream action. Thankfully to wean me off the hard stuff, we have another laid back RTI to slow things down.

RTI highlights:

So often we only have the visitors perspective, this week we have a report from Mark Losi – the much loved (and I’m not being sarcastic for once) ANZA alumni who hosted Toro and a gang of past and present ANZA visitors for a trip around KL regions finest bars and hills (in that order).   He reports that hosting a bunch of cyclists may not be all it’s cracked up to be…

Dave Powell delights with a different view of the same ride. Interesting how much less the word “beer” appears in Dave’s account.

Pierre Alain puts us all to shame by showing its still possible to ride (and race) even when work gets in the way – see how he got on against the Qatar National Team and how the Swiss precision machine earned himself a lovely new clock in the desert…

Kuatan Century Ride Apathy

Some of you might have seen Dave Powell’s email earlier in the week on the topic. Due to the lack of interest, the club won’t be supporting this ride with a chartered bus.  For those that still fancy going then you’ll have to arrange your own transportation there. Recommend having a word with Dave as he’s done some research on the potential options available & is a well organised young man.

ANZA EGM Feature Next Week:

As we mentioned last week, the ANZA Extraordinary General Meeting is taking place on June 12th with all committee positions up for nomination. Next week, RTI will devote some space to any candidate wishing to explain who they are & what their election manifesto is. If you’re up for a position then do get in touch with us (   to arrange some space in next week’s issue.

Keep it safe out there.


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